J O I N   U S    A T    T H E    B A R

A N D    E N J O Y

O U R   D A I L Y

5 – 7

H A P P Y    H O U R

 beer     3

 wine      5   

craft house cocktails    6

craft house martinis     8


“Profusion of flavors achieve harmonious balance at FUSE”

“The term fusion has become synonymous with mixing and matching ingredients from divergent cuisines, whether or not someone in the kitchen knows how to do that in a way that makes sense. It isn’t simply a matter of tossing eastern and western together and stirring. One must first understand the underlying principles of individual cuisines before one can marry them successfully.

I’m happy to report that Greg Scarlatos, chef/owner of FUSE Global Cuisine (and former executive chef at Angelina’s Ristorante in Bonita Springs), gets it. He grasps how to mix flavors and ingredients — but perhaps more importantly, he also knows when to refrain from doing so.

As a result, his menu offers an intriguing array of dishes that will appeal to both adventurous palates and those who prefer a more traditional approach.”

Karen Feldman - Florida Weekly

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